Everything is Energy

Making clean-tech and renewable energy solutions easy

Everything is Energy

Making clean-tech and renewable energy solutions easy
Welcome to CSG Canada

CSG serves varied clients seeking energy savings and cost reductions.
From real estate to resorts, farms to factories we make sustainability pay.

CSG Canada is a CCSI Group company – enabling planet positive solutions.

Our world,
specifically how we generate, consume and deliver energy,
is changing.
This presents challenges, and opportunities:

  • New technologies and business models emerge to allow us to benefit from change.
  • Renewable energy technology is a +$300 billion a year sector so no longer ‘alternative’, no longer risky.
  • The need for diffused or decentralized energy is increasing.
We help you decide, deploy and benefit from best available renewable energy and cleantech solutions.

Smart, environmentally significant and renewable energy.


CSG enables companies and governments to navigate environmental markets,  and meet their environmental, social and economic sustainability objectives.

Your solutions are high-efficiency and cost-effective, and will provide you a quick ROI and reliability.

Featured Case Study

Calgary Shopping Mall project

A 2x Tedom Combined Heat & Power system deployed in this mall provides energy certainty, security and savings delivering reliable power and heat year-round

In October of 2016, two Tedom heat and power, co-generation units were retrofitted into a Calgary mall: a Centro T150 and a Cento T200. The mall has a rooftop mechanical room, which meant the only way to get the units installed was to dismantle them, use a crane to transport the units in pieces and reassemble again. The cost to do this was still worthwhile!

CHP + Current Prairie Fisherman Corp.

Combined heat & power helps innovative farm to expand significantly, yet affordably.

Current Prairie Fisherman Corp. is owned and operated by father-son team Klaas and Justin Den Toom, on a farm located in an arid corner of Alberta. The Den Tooms have been successful farmers raising hogs, and farmed fish which are in demand by restaurants in Calgary and Vancouver.


As leaders in clean-tech our customers benefit from our innovative, proven solutions for emission reduction, renewable energy and carbon credit projects globally.

We help you achieve your sustainable development and renewable energy objectives.

With a focus in Canada, our experienced team will navigate the complexity for you!

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